Shop Local, Shop Now: Celebrate Women’s History Month

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Published date: March 22, 2022
By The Greater Bakersfield Chamber


In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we are excited to highlight women-owned businesses. We are proud of the work the women in our community do to bring unique items and special experiences to Bakersfield. To gain financial independence and to achieve a work-life balance, more women are choosing to leave the traditional work narrative to run their own businesses. Kristi Windtberg and Nicole Lazzerini are close friends, entrepreneurs and so much more! Together they founded LVL Fitness, a fitness studio that offers a space for people to work towards their health goals.


“If you want to start your own business, find another woman that has opposite strengths but the same work ethic to help you start,” said Windtberg. “It’s a great pairing. We have children, husbands and homes and all these other things on our plates and it all balances out.”


Jasmin Samano is an agent who runs her own State Farm branch in downtown Bakersfield. She is also a mother, wife and active member of the community. While her days are typically full, she enjoys being a business owner and educating the community about insurance and keeping them protected.


“This is where I need to be,” said Jasmin. “And I encourage women to pursue their business dreams, even if it scares them. Take the risk. What do you have to lose?”


Victoria Diffee, the owner of Victoria’s, a women’s retail store at the Marketplace, uses her passion for fashion to connect with women in the community. She believes that women are more than capable of running their own businesses.


“We women are very important in the world around us – not just as a mom, wife or daughter,” said Diffee. “I think we are very capable and we set positive examples for the people around us.”


Women are leading businesses around the globe and in Bakersfield. However, they can’t succeed alone.


“You can support women-owned businesses by shopping, referring and sharing on social media,” said Samano.


“Bakersfield has a lot of wonderful people. We may be a large town, but it’s very much a small-town feel,” said Diffee. “People are friendly and if you are friendly too, they will help you out.”


The Greater Bakersfield Chamber has a directory of chamber-member businesses on, where you can search for women-led businesses. Shop Local, Shop Now, at a woman-owned business today.

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