Mossman’s: Discover the Secret to the 65-Year Legacy

How One Family Revolutionized Classic Comfort Food

By The Greater Bakersfield Chamber

As the world evolves, Mossman’s restaurants revolutionize to meet Bakersfield’s residents’ ever-changing and diverse palate. This year, stepfather-stepdaughter duo Rick Mossman and Amanda Goforth plan to innovate further to continue serving for generations to come, carrying on their legacy of warmth and dedication.

Many already know and love local Mossman’s restaurants, which serve history, community and innovation on every plate. Mossman’s Westchester Coffee Shop is the oldest in Bakersfield. It serves home-style food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a catering business and a new restaurant location, Mossman’s upholds tradition while finding new ways to expand its business.

“We still use the handwritten recipes my grandfather wrote 60 years ago,” Rick said.

Mossman’s continues to use the same tried-and-true recipes for its beloved menu items, including “Grandpa’s Secret Recipe” pancakes and their customer-favorite fish and chips. 

“We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all day so that you can have pancakes for dinner or fish and chips for breakfast,” said Amanda.

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Rick fondly reminisced about his life at Mossman’s, a cornerstone of connection and hospitality for three generations. “I spent more time with my grandfather at work than I did at his house,” he said. “I even recall washing dishes while wearing an apron so long I tripped over it.” 

Clarence, Rick’s grandfather, opened Mossman’s Westchester Coffee Shop 65 years ago and his passion for serving others grew with the restaurant. Rick loved being around “good food, good family and good friends.” It’s how he knew he wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps; evidently, it’s the Mossman way. 

Like many children of restaurant owners, Amanda has worked with her stepfather since she was a teenager. She started as a cashier, then took on the catering business and is now the general manager of their new location. Just like Rick, Amanda has grown with the company.

Although running a business together as a family comes with challenges, Rick expressed that they always have each other’s backs.

“Without a doubt, I couldn’t do this without Amanda,” he said.

They try to set boundaries to distinguish “family talk” from “business talk,” but they explained they love their jobs so much it’s hard to stop talking about it.

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More space, food and possibilities for growth

Mossman’s Kitchen, their new location, opened on June 1. The restaurant, located at 3300 Buena Vista Ave., carries all the classic home-style menu items their customers love and location-exclusive options, such as certain catering items. Amanda’s favorite dish, “Amanda’s Tuscan chicken pasta,” is named after her and is exclusively available at this location.

Coming up with new menu items is a collaborative effort. Amanda explains that it starts with research and attention to what customers like. Their chefs take inspiration from their experience making dishes all over the world.

Sometimes, one of their chefs will make up a new recipe for themselves for lunch, but after a few people try it, it becomes so popular it ends up as a special on the menu.

“We pride ourselves on being a working kitchen. Every day, we’re coming up with new things,” Rick said.

They aim to host more tastings, add new menu items and bring customers together.

“We want to bridge the gap between the older generation who come to our current location and the newer generation who order our catering. We’re doing old-school recipes with a new style,” Amanda said. 

Mossman’s also caters to weddings, galas, parties and other events, including the Beautiful Bakersfield Awards on June 22.

When it comes to catering, Rick, Amanda and their team know what they’re doing. They once served 7,000 people in 30 minutes. Additionally, Mossman’s has a unique catering menu.

Rick explained that when they sit down with a customer, they don’t give them a list with set options. Instead, they give them a blank piece of paper so they can envision anything they want.

“We don’t want to tell our customers what to do. We’ve served so many different types of food, it’s impossible to have it all on a menu,” he said.

Couldn’t do it without Bakersfield

Amanda attributes Mossman’s enduring success to the community’s support. “We wouldn’t be able to make it without Bakersfield’s support,” she said. 

Amanda recalls the overwhelming response they received when a fire struck their Westchester location. Community members reached out, asking how they could assist, and even started a GoFundMe campaign. Rick and Amanda used some of the funds from the campaign to support their out-of-work employees.

This support is mutual. Mossman’s actively collaborates with local nonprofits, providing food in ways other catering companies haven’t. They regularly donate meals and prioritize using local products. “We use local products to make local food that serves local people,” Rick said.

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